Burrito gringo Mexican Grill - Ottawa's best mexican grill
Burrito gringo Mexican Grill - Ottawa's best mexican grill

Our Story

Ottawa has an authentic gourmet burrito shop, Burrito gringo, offering homemade food, fast. We use only the freshest, quality ingredients; never processed and without additives or preservatives. Burrito gringo is dedicated to preparing and serving the freshest, tastiest food.

At Burrito gringo, we’re up with the sun. We dice cilantro, chop tomatoes and juice limes. We scoop-out avocados and blend salsas. We season meats, braise beef and pork.We grill steak and chicken to succulent perfection.

Our beans are slow-simmered and never come out of a can. We make our cookies using real butter. Burrito gringo doesn't own freezers or microwaves.

When you visit Burrito gringo, you’ll see, smell and taste the difference. All our food is home-cooked, prepared from scratch, in our kitchens. We choose to do everything by hand because we know you appreciate the difference.

Locally owned and operated, Burrito gringo is not part of a huge chain. We purchase our food and supplies locally whenever possible.

March 2018: It has come to our attention that at least one local Ottawa establishment is using Burrito gringo branding without our authorization. Please ensure that you frequent authentic Burrito gringo establishments and order authentic Burrito gringo food. Authentic Burrito gringo establishments do not sell hamburgers or fried food and only sell homemade Mexican food.

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